Wednesday, March 25, 2020

HUMAN MADE Releasing Traditional Japanese “Wa” Collection

NIGO and his streetwear brand HUMAN MADE will be releasing a special collection in celebration of their Japanese heritage. The theme of the collection is “Wa” (和) or “harmony.” In Japanese culture, Wa is a traditional social and family value that implies peace and unity.

For this collection, HUMAN MADE employs the use of Japanese Aizome (藍染め), a deep blue dye collected from the leaves of the Japanese indigo plant. Continuing on the traditional Japanese theme is the Samue (作務衣) Jacket, a piece historically known to be worn by Zen Buddhist monks, but in modern days is a common casual or workwear staple. This piece comes in Aizome blue with white Human Made branding on the back, accompanied by a duck graphic that is seen throughout the collection.
Accompanying the jacket is the Tsumeeri (詰襟) Shirt in white, a type of shirt that makes up the uniform of many middle-school and high-school boys in Japan. Accessories include an indigo Tenugui (手拭い), a thin Japanese hand towel made from cotton, and a furoshiki (風呂敷), a cloth traditionally used to wrap gifts and other goods.
The HUMAN MADE “Wa” lineup features 14 items in total, including short and long sleeve tees. The collection launches via raffle at a pop-up store at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building on March 25th. The pop-up closes on April 10th. Grab a look at the complete collection below.

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