Saturday, September 7, 2019

HUMAN MADE x Girls Don't Cry Capsule Collection

Japanese creatives NIGO and Verdy join their respective brands, HUMAN MADE and Girls Don't Cry, together for a capsule collection.
The collection is named after HUMAN MADE's 1928 Building Kyoto location where the collection will release first. HUMAN MADE's branding is changed to the Girls Don't Cry font and the red that usually covers both brands' pieces have been changed to blue for the capsule collection. A range of offerings include a hoodies, shirts, a tote bag, satchel bag, cap, socks, crate, key chains, phone case, stickers, pins and mugs.
HUMAN MADE 1928 Kyoto will pre-release the collection on August 31. In related news, sacai announced tongue accessory attachments for its upcoming Nike LDWaffle and Blazer Mid sneakers. via