Saturday, November 30, 2013

Air Jordan Retro 1 Hi - "Python Shadow" Custom by JBF Customs

Probably the most creative pair of J's I'v ever seen. Custom sneaks are becoming more and more of a trend. 

Star Wars x Starter Black Label Collection - Season 2


Nike Air DT Max '96 "Brave Blue"

"In a move to revive an iconic design from its archive collection, Nike has is bringing back the classic ’96 Nike Air DT Max silhouette, this time giving it a fresh rework with the Brave Blue colorway. Composed of a blue and wolf-grey color palette as a tribute to the Dallas Cowboys, the shoe features an upper built of classic nubuck and leather, secured with all-blue laces and a strap closure. Priced at $135 USD, the Nike Air DT Max ’96 “Brave Blue” will be available November 30 via SneakerPolitics." via

Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG S1030BD - 1AJR

"The heavy-duty MTG-S1030BD-1AJR features a metal case, G-Shock’s proprietary Core Guard technology, a TRIPLE G RESIST crystal, solar power functionality and a layer composite band." via

Drive Thru Vanishing Driver Prank

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Iconic Video Game and Comic Characters as stained glass art

I'm honest enough to say that if I ever saw these stained glass windows in somebody's church I would have a hard time paying attention and probably contemplating re-buying these games lol.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Trailer (2014)

The plot thickens.......

Samsung to Apple $290 Million in Damages for Violating Patents

Goodness gracious!!! I wonder if this is where war between the two companies finally slow down. These companies are set for another trial in March 2014 to discuss another set of patents including technology used in the popular Galaxy S III.

Los Angeles Lakers Basic 59Fifty Baseball Cap by NEW ERA X NBA

In honor of the "Black Mamba" returning to practice, this all black NBA x NEW ERA Lakers fitted is a fair warning to the rest of the NBA that Kobe Bryant is returning to re-claim the top spot in the NBA. #Lakeshow

Kawasaki concept bike offers transformative vision of the future

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TRDA Brand Hat Collection 1 *Exclusive Sneek Peek*

Here's a quick glimpse at the first 32 hats in the TRDA Brand Hat collection set to release. The next set of 32 hats are coming soon. These are just first run prototypes and there may be a few changes here and there but this is probably the official first run.

For more information and updates follow TRDA Brand on Twitter at @TRDABrand @dwayneallen24 and on Instagram at @TRDA_Brand. #TAKERESPECTDEFYADVERSITY

WHITE RANGER vs SCORPION - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 10)


Floating Underwater Hotel Room at Manta Resort

This is why its important to travel and experience places like this.

Photography by Kenneth Ngyuyen

Here's a shot by photographer Kenneth Nguyen, a photographer who's work I've recently come across. As I prepare myself to embark on my journey into photography, I am intrigued and inspired my photographers who shoot some of things I'm interested in shooting when I get the chance.

Skate 59Fifty Fitted Cap by KEITH HARING x NEW ERA

I'm behind on fitted collecting. As usual, I need this in my life. #Skateon

XLarge x The Simpsons x CONVERSE Pro Leather Canvas Hi - "Bart Simpson"

This is one major collab between three established brands. Sneaker enthusiast should have no problem adding this to their collection.


Just when you think iphone cases can't get any crazier, they come out with this one!!! LOL

Streetmachine Copenhagen x Chocolate Skateboards 2013 Collection (Skateboard Decks)

Pretty sick collab. There's more to this collection but I wanted to highlight the skateboard decks in particular. I said it a thousand times just as others have, basic is better.

nonnative Bomber Jacket

"nonnative releases this Bomber Jacket from its Wrecking Walls fall/winter 2013 collection. Featuring a 100% Nylon ripstop shell, the functionality of the jacket is enhanced by both a WINDSTOPPER® mid-layer and quilted polyester insulation. Though based on the original MA-1 Bomber jackets issued by the military in the ’50s, the jacket is cut to a more contemporary streamlined fit. Finishing touches include a two-way front zip with leather tabs, two snap button waist pockets and a utility zip pocket on the left sleeve. The bomber jacket is priced at $1,004 USD and is currently available for purchase over at HAVEN." via

I was cool with this jacket until I saw the price lol

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kicks On Court Weekly Recap: Steph Curry Sheds Light on his Upcoming Und...


Nike Heritage Destroyer Jacket

Supra Skytop 4's

What do y'all think about these Supra Skytop 4's???? They look better than the Skytop 3's and not as extravagant as the Skytop 2's. I need to see these in person to decide how I feel about them.

Slow motion skateboarding 22 (+playlist)


Tumi "Knox" Backpack

"American travel accessory purveyor Tumi has unveiled this bold backpack as part of its Alpha Bravo collection for the holiday season. Staying on point with its focus on quality and functionality, Tumi has incorporated six compartments into this design. The striking aesthetic is achieved by an all-black base that takes over the bottom two-thirds of the bag and a contrasting white top. Made predominately from Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon fabric, this backpack features leather accents at the top handle, tabs, anchor point for the luggage tag, and above the front zipper compartment. Standout details include the white leather luggage tag that features a beefy brushed metal hinge, contrasting silver branded zipper tags and white shoulder straps." - via

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Houston Texans release S Ed Reed

I understood why he left and honestly I didn't blame him. Ravens know how injury prone and unproductive S Ed Reed can be. The problem in this situation is, the Texans organization is not loyal to the Ed Reed brand.

There's things that Ed Reed has done with the Ravens and has gotten away with it because the organization was loyal to him. He was a staple in defense and a true fan favorite. This future Hall of Famer was "wined and dined" by the Texans organization and offered more money then he's honestly
worth..........that's until he showed up with a torn labrum in his hip.

Ed Reed played the same way in Houston as he did in Baltimore but the difference this time is that he didn't have the organization to support his poor play. With Ed Reed in Baltimore, if he wasn't productive, at least he drew a crowd. He was a fan favorite and that was good enough for the Ravens organization. The unfortunate truth is that no other organization will put up with Ed Reed's un-productivity on the field. In any other organization he's just another tool paid to a job.

With his best days behind him and his shortcomings spread throughout the sports world, what will he do next? Will he sign with a contender to make one last playoff run? Will he finally get the opportunity to play for Bill Belicheck? Or will he re-sign with the Ravens only to retire under the black and purple banner. Only time will tell but once he clears waivers it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Lakers Beat the Rockets 99-98 on a last second 3-pointer by Steve Blake!!!!!!

The Lakers continue fight after walking into Houston and beating the Rockets with a 3-pointer by Steve Blake with 3.0 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Keep fighting Lakeshow!!!!!

Happy Veterans Day from TRDA Brand

NCAA College Basketball Is Here!!!!!

The best time of the year when you have the NBA, NFL, and NCAA Football and Basketball. 

Supreme - Snap Front Arc Logo Sweatshirt

I like these a lot from Supreme. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a strong advocate for basic being better. There's a time and a place for over the top designs but theres something to say for the clean cut basic premium look.

Star Wars: Episode VII - December 17, 2015 Release Date Confirmed

Here we go!!!!! Let's get this show on the road. Star Wars is set to take over the world again!!!!!! Star Wars fans never die, they only multiply.

Fly Your Own Flag 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap by NEW ERA x ONSPOTZ

New Jersey Nets Hardwood Classics Black Cement Brim 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap by NEW ERA x NBA

I like this style. Haven't been a real Hardwood Classic fan since 2003 but I'm digging this style. I'm definitely creating a version of this for myself.

Varsity Jacket Season: Espionage Bambino Stadium Jacket

The Ilusion of Choice -10 corporations actually own the majority of the brands we all use on a daily basis.

Robocop 2014

Now I have my reservations about this movie. Robocop has always been a popular icon in the world of big screen super heroes. The original Robocop was considered ahead of its time but in 2014 is this really something we haven't seen already? In this techno-driven age, is the concept of "Robocop"???

Ok so lets get away from this idea or concept being "ahead of its time". Will this be a successful reboot? Right off the back, I'm not a huge fan of the suit but I understand that you must change with the times. I also understand that watching the trailer, I saw a test suit that looks more like the original suit but is changed for a more tactical look in black.

So set aside the concept and the suit and let's pretend this is not Robocop but named something else. How would I like it then? From what I've seen, it looks pretty cool. It has enough of the original concepts of what made the original Robocop a success with an updated twist. For now I'll keep my reservations and wait to see the movie to see how it turns or if it lives up to the hype of the original.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WrestleMania 30 Poster #2 by Dwayne Allen Multimedia

Here's a second poster I did for a fantasy match up that I would like to see at WrestleMania 30 this year. I think AJ Styles deserves a fresh run in the WWE. There's nothing more he can do in TNA and if he would ever show up in the WWE this is a feud I would enjoy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The "Real"ness Report: Will We Finally Get The Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania 30?

Wrestling fans have been trying to get this match up for a few years now. Will we finally get "The Icon" vs "The Phenom" at WrestleMania 30??? Only time will tell and judging by the traditional rumors about Sting's contract being up in January, I felt creating this poster was necessary.

I think this year will be the closest year that we have to finally getting Sting to sign a deal with the WWE. I feel Sting has a lot to offer WWE and the pay off will be worth it. Naturally, there are a number of concerns that many wrestling fans have. Many are afraid that with both The Undertaker and Sting being up in age, the match itself will not be worth the hype. Let's examine this theory.

With both Sting and The Undertaker being at the end of their in-ring careers, it's no secret that neither one of these superstars can do many of the things that they used to do in their prime. On the other hand, these two legends in the ring have exceeded pass many of their peers who have called it a quits. So the question still remains, can these superstars pull this match off and give the world of professional wrestling an instant classic?

It is said that if we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it. So I challenge you to look at another feud in similar fashion. The two biggest stars in pro-wrestling during the 1980's were undoubtedly Hulk Hogan and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan and the World Wrestling Federation gave birth to "Hulkamania" while the National Wrestling Alliance and Jim Crockett Promotions gave way to the popularity of Ric Flair and the Four Horseman. This is arguably considered the first boom period in pro-wrestling. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were the two most recognizable pro-wrestlers in the world. Every wrestling fan during that period at some point asked themselves a single question "what if we got a match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair? Who's the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world?". Now by this time, the days of inter-promtional wrestling matches between world champions were over. There was no way something like this could happen.  

So fast forward a few years when Ric Flair leaves World Championship Wrestling and joins the WWF in 1991. It has been noted that there was supposed to be a planned program between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Fans were finally going to get to see the dream match that many fans had wanted to see for so long. But would it live to the hype? Fans would never get the chance to see Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair in their prime. Today there have been many debates about whether or not the WWE (WWF at the time) should have taken the risk and given us Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VIII. There were many concerns about their age, quality of in-ring work etc. There was a fear that a WrestleMania match between the two biggest superstars of the 1980's would ultimately be a let down. Some argue that they could have pulled it off and gave fans the dream match they'd had only fantasized about until that point. Others feel that based of the test matches between the two in a few house shows on the road, they could only put on a mediocre match at best.

To bring this full circle,  many fans are faced with the exact same dilemma today when asked if they want to see The Undertaker vs. Sting in 2013. Some feel that they can pull it off and make history at WrestleMania. Others feel that this match is past its prime and it's better not to have it than have it and it be a disappointment or letdown.

Do I think The Undertaker and Sting can pull this off???? HECK YEAH I DO!!!!! I believe that they will put on a show to remember and show the world that these "vets" have enough to contribute to the history of pro-wrestling. I say BOOK IT!!!!!!

- The Real Dwayne Allen, The Wrestling Wrealm


Empire Symbol 59Fifty Cap by STAR WARS x NEW ERA

Sneaker Art Painted on the Side of a Building

This has got to be the side of a shoe store building. I can imagine people seeing this miles away and immediately making a stop to check it out. At least I would.

God's Creation At Its Finest - I

Lays Introduces Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

I'm not sure what I think about this. At first when I first saw the bag I thought it was like chocolate in the shape of potato chips lol. Now it doesn't sound nor look appealing to me but then again you never know.

Just when you think chip companies run out of ideas, innovating minds decided to give sweet and salty another shot and there you have it, chocolate covered chips. I wonder if this trend will catch on. Only time will tell.

FILA Spaghetti Black/White from the "BK All Day" Pack

FILA sneakers always have a retro feel to them. It brings back shades of the 90's and how sneakers of the 90's impacted the shoe game/culture.

These pair of sneaks in particular can be found along with a few other pair of sneaks in the "BK All Day" Pack that pays homage to Brooklyn, NY.

Converse Wells OX

I like these Converse Wells Ox in the grey/red color way. Not to mention, this shoe is skateable.

Casio G-Shock November 2013 New Releases

Take a look at Casio G-Shock's November 2013 new releases. I like the color ways they're using in this November release. They have a set of bright colors, a set of whites, a set of yellows, and a set of blacks.