Wednesday, March 25, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Richardson Launches Tokyo Flagship Store With Special Apparel

Richardson has been around since Andrew Richardson launched the imprint in 1998, followed by its clothing range in 2003, which kicked off with a Supreme T-shirt collaboration. As the label moves into its 22nd year in the business, Richardson is finally opening its third flagship store, following the New York and Los Angeles outposts with a new space in Tokyo’s youthful Harajuku neighborhood.

Accompanying the new space is a slate of special wearables, with designs that take cue from various Japanese motifs. Nobuyoshi Araki‘s sexually-charged photography sets the tone for a black long-sleeved shirt and a bomber jacket and hoodie printed with photo-realistic shibari(rope bondage). These are accompanied by a more understated hoodie, T-shirts and shorts emblazoned with Richardson branding, Japanese Katakana and Kanji in calligraphic style against the Japanese flag. Meanwhile, classic Richardson Hardware verbiage elevates a host of versatile tees and hats, reviving one of the label’s signature branding techniques.

The exclusive collection will launch in-store at the new Richardson Tokyo location, scheduled to open at the below address on March 28. Below, read HYPEBEAST’s brief Q&A with Andrew Richardson.
Most recently, Richardson launched its Spring/Summer 2020 collectionas a return to seasonal drops. via

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