TRDA Brand Clothing

TRDA Brand Clothing is a street wear brand from the mind ofDwayne Allen. TRDA is an acronym that stands for Take Respect Defy Adversity. Fact is, there's gonna be times when people don't wanna give you the respect you deserve. When people don't wanna give you the respect you rightfully deserve, you have to take it. You have to TAKE RESPECT. Nothing in this world worth having ever comes easy. In life we will face ADVERSITY on so many different levels. We must face ADVERSITY and DEFY it at all cost and the result will be TRIUMPH. TRDA Brand is the brand built around RESPECT and taking RESPECT from people who don't wanna give it. TRDA Brand will bring the latest in t-shirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, crew necks, fitteds, snapbacks, skateboard decks and much more to come. Stay tuned to The Real Dwayne where all the TRDA Brand *Exclusive* sneek peeks are posted. For up to date news and coverage on TRDA Brand follow creator/owner on Twitter @dwayneallen24 and @TRDAbrand. You can also follow creator/owner on Facebook at For more questions or inquiries on TRDA Brand you can reach me at or