Monday, September 30, 2013

Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 10th Anniversary Collection

Nike’s ongoing Doernbecher Freestyle collection reaches a significant milestone with its 10th anniversary collection. The initiative has been a two-part effort, both raising funds for the Portland-based hospital that shares the name of the collection as well as empower a series of children and providing them an opportunity to design their own footwear.  Over six million dollars have since been raised with several marquee and innovative sneakers surfacing over the course of the last decade. A 10th anniversary tribute comes to us in the form of this Doernbecher Freestyle x Nike Dunk High 10th Anniversary model. The design itself features elements of 3M and electroluminescent lights created especially for the shoe by the Zoo’s Special Operations Team. The shoes will be only available via auction and were headed by Doernbecher contributor Mark Smith and the Nike ZOO with the names of all previous participants honored on the high-top. An underlying theme as part of the light-up concept is the fact that the youth are often unwavering in their efforts to stay positive and their bright future ahead. The original showing alongside an accompanying range of apparel took place on September 28th at the Portland Art Museum, while an invite-only event in New York also gave select bidders the chance to own a piece of history. via

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEW ERA x MLB Pittsburgh Pirates 59Fifty Baseball Cap

I'm a huge fan of this color way. Gives me a few ideas.............

Native Union - POP Desk Phone

Just in case you get tired of living life out of your cell phone, you can always have the feel of an old school landline thanks to Native Union.

For me personally, this would work. For those business folk who have two phone numbers connected to one phone, once you get to the office, you can hook it up to this and treat it as a landline. 

If you desire to get up and go, instead of having your calls forwarded to your cell phone, you can just grab it and go. This is one of those things where I go, "now why didn't  think of this" lol.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens Defense too much for the Houston Texans

The Baltimore Ravens (2-1) capitalize on a number of key plays to beat the Houston Texans (2-1) 30-9.

The Texans were leading the game in the first half, 6-3 before QB Matt Schuab's pass was intercepted LB Daryl Smith and returned for a 37-yard touchdown.

Less than two minutes later, Tandon Doss then returns a punt for an 82-yard touchdown. According to, the Ravens have not allowed a touchdown in eight quarters since their season-opening 49-27 defeat in Denver.

The Ravens spoiled the return of S Ed Reed to Baltimore, while celebrating the return of Ray Lewis to be inducted in the Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor.

- The Real Dwayne Allen


Can't go wrong with a pair of Nike Air Max 95's

Nike LeBron 11 Black/Metallic Silver-University Red-Bright Crimson

The Nike Lebron 11's in Black/Red are my opinion the best looking Lebron's in my opinion since the Lebron 3's

New Era x Casio G-Shock GA-110NE

Check out this black and gold 30th Anniversary watch form G-Shock. G-Shock just continues to push the envelope and bring us quality watches.

G-Shock appeals to so many different consumers on so many different levels.

Nike SB Zoom Air Stefan Janoski Black Anthracite

The ever popular Nike SB Zoom Air Stefan Janoski Black Anthracite have a very dress casual look that have arrived just in time for the Fall season.

This suede and leather version of the Janoksi's put a fresh spin on a popular skate shoe that can now be double as casual sneaker in many different settings.

This premium set of Janoski's are going for a price of about $95. I wonder if these will come in a size 14?????

Adidas D Rose 4 Collection

The Adidas D Rose 4 Collection to go along with the release of D Rose 4

Adidas D Rose 4

Adidas officially unveils the D Rose 4's and I must say they don't look like typical bulky Adidas basketball sneakers. 

Adidas looks to really to be making a push more into the performance enhancing sneakers but surprisingly they're pretty stylish. I'm not usually a fan of Adidas basketball shoes but these look a bit different in my eyes at least.

If you take a Nike basketball shoe and the performance technology of Under Armour, then you've got the Adidas D Rose 4.

MKI BLACK 2013 Full Wool Varsity Jacket

MKI BLACK is an outerwear brand under the MKI Miyuki-Zoku store umbrella. Founded in 2010 by creative director Vik Tailor, the idea was to bring well thought out, premium garments from a designer perspective, at a much more modest price point. The collections are made to be accessible both in wear-ability and affordability, with no compromise on quality and styling. With roots based in 1960’s Japanese Ivy League, the brand is quickly becoming recognised for its strong ethos and equally strong product. Classic styles, exceptional workmanship and contemporary design, paired with forgiving price tags give MKI BLACK a winning formula. via

Air Jordan 5 "Shanghai Shen"

These Air Jordan 5's are the most creative Jordan color-way I've seen in a while. Black, blue, and gold go well together and the Shanghai Shen emblem on the side of the shoe.

It's shoes like these that remind me why I'm huge fan of international releases. International releases are usually more appealing to me but they have a different creative edge than most Air Jordan re-releasses in the States.

These J's are set to release in Shanghai first and then are expected to release worldwide not too long afterwards. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Emerging Designer Dwayne T. Allen's Diehard Movement Makes His Street Wear Unforgettable

Emerging Designer Dwayne T. Allen's Diehard Movement Makes His Street Wear Unforgettable

My Story finally told

TRDA Brand *Exclusive Sneek Peek* "Olde London" Varsity Jacket black

It's been a while but it's just about the Fall season and what better way to celebrate but to release the first TRDA Brand *Exclusive Sneek Peek* of the season.

This varsity is a basic varsity jacket from TRDA Brand with the brand signature emblem on the left breast of the jacket. On the back of the jack are the letters TRDA in a "Old London" style font in black and outlined in white.

Stay tuned for more exclsuive sneek peeks from TRDA Brand Clothing. Follow us on twitter @TRDABrand, @dwayneallen24, and on Instagram @TRDA_Brand

DSLR video: Tips for filming at night & in low light

This is for all my fellow film makers and video production specialist who shoot and film with DSLR's.


Out of Line: a Short Skate Film

This may be old but Brett Novak does it again by brining together two things I love, skateboarding and film making.

360 triple flip slow motion

The Wrestling Wrealm Magazine Issue #1 Cover

This is the cover magazine cover I put together for The Wrestling Wrealm Magazine Issue #1 with Mr. Main Event Brian Waters "gracing" the cover lol.

The concept was to capture the vibe of the original WWF Magazines from back in the day. I waned to keep it basic but grab the attention of the reader. Maybe someday soon, we'll post the completed magazine online for the fans to check out.

I plan on doing more of this in the future. I'm not sure exactly what direction the next cover will be but once we come up with something, I'll get right on it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Real Dwayne Allen's New Logo!!!!!!!!!

Yes, lades and gentlemen I have designed myself a new logo. Why did I do so? I needed something fresh that I could edit and adjust over and over again. I wanted to do something different. You'd be surprised how common the name "Dwayne Allen" is. Go figure.

In the near future you will most likely see different variations of this logo. So let me explain it a bit more in detail. It should be obvious that the DA stands for Dwayne Allen and the number 24 is a number that I incorporate in almost everything I do with my name.

The number "24" usually comes after "DA" or my name Dwayne Allen because it represents me being myself 24-hours a day. I'm myself at all times, I'm never being phony or have different versions of myself in different settings. I'm The Real Dwayne Allen 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

So there you have it, my new logo. Be on the look out for different ways I tweak my logo over time. Let's see how creative I can be.

- The Real Dwayne Allen

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The "Real"ness Report: Vacated WWE Championship? Who Will be the New WWE Champion?

For the second time in almost two months, the WWE Championship has been taken away from pro-wrestling's latest mega star Daniel Bryan.

On September 15, 2013 at WWE Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan successfully beat then WWE Champion (and handpicked "face of the WWE") Randy Orton in a one-on-one bout that ended seemingly in controversy due to a fast count by senior WWE official Scott Armstrong.

Nevertheless, Daniel Bryan's hand was raised in victory making him a 2-time WWE Champion. Seemed to good to be true right? Well it was.

The following night on Monday Night Raw, WWE COO Triple H interrupted newly crown WWE Champion Daniel Bryan's celebration to address the "80-pound gorilla" in the room. Triple H proceeded to review the fast count of senior official Scott Armstrong, calling for foul play.

Triple H then called for senior official Scott Armstrong to come to the ring and explain his actions in which the footage from last night's match was reviewed and Scott Armstrong admitted to making a mistake. You would think that it would stop there but of course it didn't.

The COO of the WWE Triple H wasn't quite convinced that a senior official of 20 years in the WWE was capable of making such a mistake but rather that this was an orchestrated plan and demanded a better explanation.

Then the unthinkable happens. Scott Armstrong turns to Daniel Bryan and tells him "the jig is up, they got us". With a look of confusion, Daniel Bryan begins to question Armstrong as Triple H calls for an investigation and until the investigation is over the WWE Championship is to be vacated.

After this series of events had taken place, Triple H left the WWE Universe in an uproar after stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship, screwing him for the second time.

You would think that after all that has happened to Daniel Bryan and Triple H's bias opinion towards Randy Orton, he would just hand the title back to Orton right? But in the words of Daniel Bryan, NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Triple H and the McMahons are shaking things up a bit and Randy Orton has to prove his worth and show them that he is indeed the new face of the WWE. Don't believe me? Let's take a look a few things that has brought me to this conclusion.

First, the exchange between Randy Orton and Triple H at Night of Champions about The Big Show being at ringside to ensure no interference. Randy Orton approached Triple H about not having The Shield to watch his back at ringside. Triple H replied to him that he wanted to make sure he "chose the right guy".

Second, the following night on Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton approached Triple H backstage after stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship and vacating the title. Orton began to scream at Triple H about not rightfully handing the WWE championship back to him when Stephanie McMahon stepped in to remind Orton that he was talking to the COO of the WWE and that he better show some respect. She then told him that he needed to be the ruthless "Randy Orton of old" that showed no mercy.

So now the WWE Universe is left with the question, who will be the next WWE Champion and new face of the company??? Will the McMahon-Helmsley regime eventually award the title back to Randy Orton? Will Daniel Bryan overcome again and become a 3-time WWE Champion? Will the McMahon-Helsmley regime find a new face of the WWE, but who?

Who could it be and what role will they play in this game-changing storyline? Will be a young face? Could it be a returning veteran?

So who do I think it will be? My pick for the new face of the WWE is "The Beast" BROCK LESNAR!!!!!!!!!

- The Real Dwayne Allen

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Billionaires Boys Club Black Collection - Fall 2013

I'm not a huge fan of Billionaires Boys Club usually but I'm a huge fan of Fall fashions, especially vartsity jackets.

This black on black varsity jacket goes well with anything. It's had to go wrong with all black collection, especially with black being a staple color with almost everything.

Under Armour Parralux Storm Backpack

I think I'm officially obsessed with backpacks. I saw this in the store the other day and it looks better in person then it does in the picture.

It's a sturdy backpack that can stand the elements of nature but still looks cool in the process. You can find this online and at any major Under Armour retailer for about $149.

Nature at it's best

Sometimes we neglect the beauty of nature and it's infinite process and cycle of life.

Super Mario Bros. Room

I can hear the Super Mario Bros. game music playing in my head as we speak. Rooms like these are great ways to preserve your childhood. 

I'm curious to see other rooms with other themes based off people's childhood favorites.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Casio G-Shock - GW-9400 Rangeman Watch

This watch seemingly does everything but help me transform into a Power Ranger..............or does it????

Real Turtle Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze

There's really only one thing to say...............GO NINJA GO NINJA GO, GO NINJA GO NINJA GO, GO GO GO GO. NINJA NINJA RAP!!!!!! - courtesy of Vanilla Ice #IceMan lol

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Mythbusters paint Mona Lisa


Defending Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens open the season against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

The new look Ravens open up the season tonight against the Denver Broncos at 8:30pm.

Defending Super Bowl champions, Baltimore Ravens will have plenty to prove after losing a number of key players including veterans Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, and heart and soul of the Ravens organization Ray Lewis.

The Ravens were able to walk in to Mile High Stadium and punch their ticket to the AFC Championship Game after a last minute "Hail Mary" pass to wide receiver Jacoby Jones for the game winning touchdown.

The pass that lives on in infamy amongst Peyton Manning and Broncos fans  will undoubtedly play be a motivating factor in trying to hand the Super Bowl defending champion Ravens their first lost on their road to a repeat.

Casio G-Shcok GA - 100 Watch - September 2013 Release

This watch comes in a number of different color ways but this red one stood out the most to me.

Samsung The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung draws first blood in the race to release the first fully functional "smartwatch".

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has a 1.63" AMOLED display and features a 1.9 megapixel camera with a speaker and a microphone built into the strap complete with Bluetooth connectivity.

The display features 320 x 320  resolution, a 800 MHZ processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

The price set for this smartwatch is $300 retail.

Now if you ask me, this device looks a lot like Penny's watch from Inspector Gadget. Gadgets that we once saw in movies, television, and cartoons are becoming a reality.


Nike continues their celebration of the chinese new year theme "year of the snake" with this set of Nike Dunks. You can grab these at