Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Decision: Samsung Galaxy Note II vs iPhone 4/4S

Ok so as you probably can already tell, I need to make a decision about whether I want the iPhone 4/4S or the Galaxy Note II. Spare me the obvious differences and technical specs. TRUST ME......its all been broken down for me (thanks to J. Gladden) smh lol. The decision comes within the use of the phone. I've had all the previous iPhones and honestly I'm comfortable with using this phone and its many incarnations. But after seeing the Galaxy note II in person and seeing what it can do in person? I must say that it has me thinking is it time for a change? Is it time to leave team iPhone? I don't want the iPhone 5 just yet because I'm not a fan of it quite yet so I was just going to grab an iPhone 4/4S strictly for phone use and nothing fancy. I'll be getting a new iPad in a few weeks so I don't need to run my life from my phone anymore because I'll have an iPad to organize everything. On the other hand, I do run two businesses and I'm working on a third and it would be good to have tablet capabilities on the go with a Galaxy Note II. Do I need it? Not really, but it would prove beneficial for myself. I plan to have my iPad with me as much as possible but there are times where I may not have it with me. Most people would say, "grab an ipad mini" but I'm going to pass on the mini for now. So with that being said.....a decision must be made. Decisions, decisions.

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