Friday, December 7, 2012

New "Hottest Backpack in the Streets": A Backpack Love Affair

For anybody who's close to me knows that I used to have a Nike SB All-Access Lair backpack that I nicknamed "The Hottest Backpack in the Streets". I loved that backpack..........maybe a little too much. I used it so much and it wasn't that big but I ended up breaking the zipper glider smh. I was devastated. I did what I could to repair it, including taking it to a shoe repair shop where they repair zippers. I ended up losing it and was out of an "all-purpose" backpack. Let me begin with what I use it for. I'm always on the go and I'm a tech guy so I'm always carrying a series of gadgets in order to function. I'm a videographer, fashion designer, editor, street skater, multimedia journalist, entrepreneur, and many more things. I wear a lot of "hats", but anyways. One day I'll do a gadget bag photo to give you guys an illustration of what I'm talking about. Back to the story though............ so I need an all purpose  backpack that can house everything I need to work comfortably. I need my backpack to carry a 15" MacBook Pro (Aluminum), MacBook pro charger, iPad 2, iHome Headphones, iPod Video 30G, two external hard drives, iPhone charger, Pens, Skate tool, SD cards, drawing pad, USB drives, Sunglasses, video production book, video directing book, card reader, and maybe a folder or two with illustrations and notes etc. As you can see, its a rack of stuff that I usually travel with on a day to day basis. With all that being said, I needed a backpack that could house all these items. So once I had my grieving period of my broken Nike SB bag, I began to look around for a new backpack that would fit me and still carry all the stuff I use. So one day my brother Brian tells me that he could me one like he has for pretty cheap. I was down fareal and figured, "why not". He had a Targus backpack that carried the same stuff I carried everyday. So I go online to check it out and in my search I see this one Targus backpack and was like "yo, I gotta have that joint" lol. I clicked the picture and it was the Targus Voyager Backpack. This back pack has all the room, compartments, and gadget carrying space that I need and it's the only backpack that can make me forgot about my previous one. It had everything I could want and need and as much as I'm a Nike SB guy.......this bag is a better fit for me. The only thing that it doesn't do that my other bag could do is hold my board (skateboard for those who don't know). So I go online and figure it's time to grab me this bag until I saw that it's rarely sold in the U.S. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SMH. So I'm looking all online and I'm only seeing it sold in Australia and Canada. Just like the Nike SB bag I had, its rare because it's older and not in production any longer. So of course it cost than it usually would cost but I figure hey......It's what i want and it's going to benefit me so I'll pay what they're asking for. So now in a little while I'll have a "New Hottest Backpack in the Streets" - The Real Dwayne Allen #REALNESS

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