Monday, February 15, 2016

Pensole 2016 Sneaker World Championships

Pensole, the Portland based design academy solely focussed on footwear is currently holding the 2016 world championships of sneaker design. 
Testament to the accelerating growth of sneaker culture, the tournament is something sneaker heads could only dream of in the early days. The tournament based competition was created to inspire future designers, and show them that their niche aspirations have a very real position in the sneaker world. 
With the help of Foot Locker, this year will see the event become larger than ever before with the winner of the tournament banking a tidy $20,016, and also seeing their design sold IRL in select Foot Locker stores. 
If you’re a designer and think you could whip up some fresh sneaker designs, submit your creation to before March 16. From there, the best 64 designs will be chosen and the winner will be voted for online tournament-style. When you roll onto the site, it’s going to ask you who your info plug was, just be sure to let them know it was your fam here at Sneaker Freaker. via

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