Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thinking Bout A New Camera!!!!!

With the Rebel T4i coming out not too long ago, it seems that its time to finally get my hands on a really good DSLR camera. Now word on the street is that it really doesn't matter all that much of what camera you have but the real money is in the lens. I've got a little experience in photography but I plan to get more. A good DSLR camera will play an intricate role in the building of Starforce Productions from the ground up. With all that being said, I think I'm comfortable in investing in a Canon 600D Rebel T3i. I've seen a few tips on how to produce photos and videos in a way that I feel is industry. So it sounds like thats what next along with the Panasonic HMC 150. Starforce Productions, TRDA Brand, The Wrestling Wrealm.

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