Saturday, September 8, 2012

iPod fixed my 30g iPod Video

So check this out. A while ago, I realized that I'm listening to my 30g iPod video and I realized I could only hear out of one headphone. Now my iPod barely has anything on it and it has about 300 plus songs and a few movies and barely takes up 7g's. With the headphone jack broke I started thinking about getting a new one but I was like.......mmmmmm naw. I got a mean deal on ebay for this iPod for a hundred bucks back in 08'. With that being said, I didn't want to buy another one so I figured I would look into how much this would cost to be repaired. Services offered to fix this type of problem would cost around $60 or so. So I looked at that and figured ok, thats not too bad, its better than buying a new iPod when this one was barely used and in really good condition. Then I thought to myself.........wait, can I repair this myself??? So of course I went to youtube and checked out a tutorial and realized it wasn't all that hard to do. So I ordered a refurbished headphone jack and hold button on ebay for $6.75 and then rapaired it today with no problems. So I saved some money and got my iPod back. Next on my agenda is to replace a my old PSP casing with a new one. Yessir. #Realness

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