Thursday, September 6, 2012

Behind The Design: "The Realness" by Dwayne Allen

This is a design that I created that says a lot about who I am and what TRDA represents. "The Realness" is a name that I go by in the wrestling world on The Wrestling Wrealm that exemplifies my obsession for "realness" and authenticity in everything I'm involved in. The design has my name and a set of falling steel mirrors that follow it. The color is a reflective steel to represent the strength and stand still nature of what I represent. The mirrors purposely reflect the name to show that I constantly focus on myself and what I'm doing to improve or move forward. I try to not get too caught up in what others are doing or how they're doing it, but rather constantly looking to improve or advance in whatever I'm doing. Of course it has my signature brand name TAKE RESPECT DEFY ADVERSITY. TRDA is the life lesson that I live by and I always want to reflect in everything that I do (i.e the falling steel mirrors). As a designer, art is life for me. Most artists don't fit in to society's idea of whats acceptable because we live in a "dollar" (or Euro, Pound, Peso, etc) society that tells you if it doesn't generate money than its not acceptable. Thats why they call them "starving artists". Art is freedom. Its an escape that we share with the world through whatever artistic channel we choose. That's why I'm in to video production, photography, graphic design, apparel design, and street skating. They all represent my freedom from an unstable world.

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