Monday, March 26, 2018

Daniel Bryan Returns!!!!!!

Graphic by The Real Dwayne Allen

The Yes Movement is alive and well!!!!! About 3 1/2 years ago Daniel Bryan came out on to Monday Night Raw with a new clean shaven beard and cut hair and at that point I knew the rumors to be true. Daniel Bryan had reportedly received a concussion that would force him into retirement.

I refused to watch the speech and to this day I never have. The one that kept me ok about one half of my favorite wrestler no longer being able to compete in-ring, was that he would still be featured on WWE programming in some way or fashion now that his in-ring career was seemingly over. I couldn't believe and didn't want to. One day watching Total Divas on E! network, one of the major plot points on the show at the time was Daniel Bryan continuing his career and seeing specialists about possibly returning to the ring at some point.

Watching him exhaust every resource he could come up with gave me hope that maybe there was a way for him to return to in-ring action. After all, Daniel Bryan's extremely healthy lifestyle would promote proper healing for someone like him and if anybody had a legit chance, it was him.

Fast forward to March 20, 2018 and the news filled up the airways and social media that after years and years of seeing specialists, WWE doctors have approved Daniel Bryan's return to in-ring competition. At a lost for words, I couldn't wait for Smackdown Live to come on. Daniel Bryan would finally address the news that he is officially cleared to return to in-ring action in a WWE ring.

Many people didn't think he would be cleared and many believed that once his contract was up, he would return to the independent circuit and probably make a ton of money working on weekends and signings. WWE wisely made the decision to go ahead and clear him after every specialists cleared him to return to the squared circle.

So what's next? I'm overwhelmed honestly. I'm still thrilled to have my all favorite favorite wrestlers currently in WWE. Only time will tell what's next for Bryan but until that time, let's just enjoy the ride.

-The Real Dwayne Allen, The Wrestling Wrealm
@dwayneallemn24 @wrestlingwrealm

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