Monday, March 26, 2018

Adidas Portland Headquarters to Double in Expansion Size

As adidas continues to thrive and surpass their competitors in the U.S., the need for more space at their North Portland headquarters has become of prime urgency. Adidas will address those concerns by expanding its North American headquarters more than double its current size.
Currently housing approximately 1,700 employees in just 365,000 square feet, an expansion of the company’s Portland office is set to begin construction in either late summer or early fall. Adidas plans to add two three-story buildings and a five-story structure totaling 425,000 square feet according to Oregon Live.
Plans of this expansion publicly date back to last October, when adidas North America President Mark King suggested that the company would add an additional 200,000 square feet to its headquarters. Now, just five months later, the number of square footage has risen to 425,000.
In that very same comment, King also suggested that the expansion is a result of the company’s growing success and their need to strengthen local staff. He alluded to growing the number of employees from 1,700 to 2,800 once the expansion is final. A completion date has not yet been disclosed. via

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