Thursday, October 1, 2015

C-3PO Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speakers

Star Wars fans rejoice. AC Worldwide has launched a Kickstarter project for its Bluetooth speakers made in the likenesses of C-3PO and an Imperial Stormtrooper. The models have been meticulously designed and crafted (the Stormtrooper offering has actual vents and grills), which have been rewarded by LucasFilm and Disney with approved licenses to distribute as officialStar Wars merchandise. But aesthetics-aside, they are first and foremost speakers – and these ones are definitely of premium quality. The 2.1 system integrates stereo sound with a down-facing ported subwoofer, thus producing a powerful bass. The 12 inch (30cm) tall speakers are also portable, with the option to either use a main power or the internal rechargeable battery. You can secure your chance at acquiring one of these bad boys by pledging £99 GBP (approximately $150 USD). Head over to AC Worldwide’s Kickstarter page to see more images. via

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