Saturday, August 29, 2015

Love Hulten Wooden Retro Game Boy Emulator Portable Arcade

Maker of retro wooden electronic devices Love Hulten has debuted another two devices that don’t disappoint. The first is the PE358, a Nintendo emulator based on the design of the Game Boy Advance SP, but replaces the traditionally plastic exterior with a rich walnut wood case. Taking design touches from mid-century television sets with the screen’s rounded corners, the PE358 is powered by a Raspberry Pi A+ processor. The second device is the Battlecade (video below), a two-person gaming arcade machine that folds up into what looks like a walnut suitcase. When in use, the two players sit opposite each other as opposed to side by side in a traditional arcade, with the other player’s 12-inch LCD screen and controls hidden from view. Screw-in joysticks and a power adapter are stored away inside a compartment for easy carrying. Unfortunately, neither device is for sale, although they would likely command an eye-watering price if they were. via

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