Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Realness Report - Curtis Axel: Enough is Enough and It's Time For a Change.

Picture by Dwayne Allen

I have had enough. There’s only so many times that as a fan I can sit back and watch one of my favorites being underutilized week after week after week.

What kind of wrestling world do we live in where the legitimate wrestlers and ring generals are only utilized to make “the gimmicks” look good in the ring? Sure, I can accept sports-entertainment and yes times have changed but what happens when enough is enough? It’s time for a change.

I’m not going to take this time and go into depth about what is and what isn’t with the WWE. The fact still remains for me that Curtis Axel is wasting valuable time wrestling three and half minute matches on prime time television when he can be main-eventing around the world.

There’s no legitimate reason in the world of pro-wrestling that Fandango should beat Curtis Axel in one on one match-up in the ring in a three and a half minute “sports-entertainment” match. I understand that Curtis Axel is a team player and that the WWE does things a certain way, but I have a suggestion.
I campaign that Curtis Axel transform into Curtis Hennig and head to a place where his skills and abilities as a professional wrestler can still be used and appreciated, New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In NJPW, Curtis Axel will have legitimate wrestling matches with some of the most talented pro wrestlers in the world today.

Curtis Axel deserves to be in the mix of all the action and competing in the ring with the likes of Tanahashi Hiroshi, Nakamura Shinsuke, Kazuchika Okada, AJ Styles, Naito Tetsuya, Yoshitatsu, Takahashi Yujiro, Ngata Yuji, and Ibushi Kota. The match-ups he could have are endless and we’ll get a legitimate library of Curtis Axel’s greatest wrestling matches.

Once AJ Styles jumped ship to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, we finally got a chance to see AJ Styles do what he does best, wrestle!!! His career came back to life and I believe we can see the same for a talent such as  Curtis Axel in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. At 35 years old, he still has plenty left in the tank to offer the world of pro wrestling and the time is now.

Curtis Axel’s new attitude is a perfect fit for a certain wrestling stable that currently presides in the “land of the rising sun”. A Bullet Club t-shirt is waiting for you Curtis Axel. I’m not going to ask WWE to change but I suggest that real talent go somewhere they’re utilized and appreciated. I suggest New Japan Pro-Wrestling for Curtis Axel.

- The Real Dwayne Allen



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