Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Polaroid Z340

"Savings plus actual, printed photos at an instant? Let’s chalk it up in the ‘win’ column shall we? With the Polaroid Z340instant camera, your shots can mean an analog copy of that moment in time. See, that’s the trouble with digital cameras – you take thousands upon thousands of shots but nobody actually sees them on paper. Not with the PolaroidZ340. The 14-megapixel CCD sensor takes the shots alright, but the printer at the other end of the camera spits out 3″x4″ full color photos, with that distinctive Polaroid border. No computer or photo editing software required, nor ink for that matter. Oh, and in case you still want to go the digital route, the camera as 30MB of onboard memory which is expandable via SD/SDHC memory cards. And it’s being offered at an incredible discount at the moment. How does 50 bucks sound right about now? Pretty big, if you ask me, considering the amount of presents that that savings can buy.$200." via Plundertech.com

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