Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Martian Passport Smartwatch

"No, this watch hasn’t been to Mars and back. Nor is it from any other planet for that matter. Mars might be in the news again now, thanks to India’s mission to the Red Planet. Martian Watches were, however, the pioneers of voice command watches paired to your smartphone and they’re offering this new model. The Martian Passport Smartwatch features an analog display but is fully capable of talking to your digital smartphone, thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker. Use it to control all of your smartphone’s functions that can be voice-activated. So taking or making a call, receiving a text, setting an alarm and other tasks on your smartphone would be accomplished just with the Martian Passport. The watch is animated by a Japanese quartz movement and everything is housed in a squarish case that’s 39mm wide. It’s available with a white/black dial and with similar colors choices for the strap. $270." via Plundertech.com

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