Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Streetwear game gettin intense!!!!

The streetwear game is at an all time high and it seems that everybody is starting to take a crack at it, including myself. I've enjoyed various brands but I've never had a brand that represents me fully, so I decided to create my own. Some brands like DGK, Diamond Supply Co., Young and Reckless, Neff, and other brands are moving at a rapid rate and taking the game by storm right now. Alot of brands are falling in the cracks and are quiet right now. I'm thinking either they're waiting to come out strong and go nuts during the spring and summer seasons or maybe things ain't going right for them. But I feel the time to make a move is now and from watching everybody else I been taking notes watching and waiting for the right time to come strong and carve my niche. The thing that will guarantee success will be the attention to details.

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