Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Nike Air Max 90 Navy/Grey

In honor of its continuously celebrated anniversary, the Nike Air Max 90 has split between two distinct avenues of design: one a melting pot of space themes and wild, eclectic images and the other a much more true to form set of OGs and close spin-offs. The silhouette’s latest uses this recognizable color blocking and swaps for neutrals, applying hits of grey to the eye stay, tread, and the surroundings of the air bubble while accenting adjacent with darker panels of a smooth navy. The latter adds further embellishment at the top of the ankle as well as the heel, leaving much of everything else — the midsole, the “Nike Air” emblem, the varied material make-ups, laces, etc. — a flat white tone. Grab a detailed look at this versatile entry into the line-up below, and as they’re available currently overseas, expect a stateside release at Nike.com and select retailers to arrive hopefully within the coming months. via SneakerNews.com

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