Sunday, November 27, 2016

1st Camo Shark Yank Sta M

With the release of adidas originals x Bape_Japan collab, I've decided to take another look at what Bape has to offer. As I was checking my daily YouTube Channel playlists, I came across a haul by Reggie Casual from the You Tube Channel "The Casual" and these popped up. Babe Camo Shark Yankstas.

Bape has been accused of stealing familiar styles of sneakers and adding their own twist to it but these of course remind of me of my favorite sneakers, Vans.

Why Van's? Primarily because they allow brothers with size 15 feet to stay fresh in a casual/skate shoe that's not sold out.

So the next question for many would be, what would you wear with this, outside of a "Bape'd" out head-to-toe ensemble. Personally, I'd keep it simple in all black with a slight camo and slight red design on a t-shirt, black jeans, and a black snapback, maybe with a camo brim. - The Real Dwayne Allen

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