Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Casio G-Shock G'MIX GBA - 400 Watch - Bluetooth Link with Smartphone Control

When it comes to the design of “smart” watches, Casio is taking a different approach. Unlike its larger competitors such as Apple, Samsung and LG, the creator of the original “wristwatch computer” won’t be “cramming” its newest G-Shock G’MIX GBA-400 Watch with the latest and greatest technical features. Instead, the company focused on the watch’s new user interface by adding a high contrast digital display for visibility and improved Bluetooth wireless connectivity of up to 30 meters (~98 feet). Casio also added a large twist dial to the new design, which allows users to access their music app and other functions on their smartphone via G-SHOCK+ and G’MIX apps. By allocating the complex functions back to the smartphone, the Casio G-Shock G’MIX GBA-400 can do what G-Shock does best. Available in September, the G-Shock G’MIX GBA-400 Collection will be for sale in Japan first follow by the watch’s international release later this year. via FreshnessMag.com

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